Monday, August 17, 2009

Organizing Is Not One Size Fits All

I come across clients all the time who read organizing books, go to organizing seminars or work with an organizer who wants them to do things the organizer's way. They think they've got the answer to all their frustrations and challenges. Then when the solution doesn't work they feel as if they've failed. The problem is you need to read 100s of books and go to tons of seminars and pick out just the little nuggets that will work for you. It is very important that the solution to your productivity issues are based on who you are and how you work. I work very closely with my clients to get to know them and find what will work for them so they succeed. My clients become more productive, more efficient and organized. I guarantee it! The solution only has to work for YOU! Not for anyone else. 

You can, as long as you use it in its entirety and include this info: Beth Sharkey Flarida is the owner of Get It Together. She is a Productivity Consultant, Efficiency Expert and Professional Organizer for business. Being productive is not one size fits all! Beth has helped 1000s businesses find the systems that work for them and she can do the same for you! Visit

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