Friday, July 30, 2010

The Number One Organizing Mistake

Without fail the absolute biggest organizing mistake I see is people not organizing and using systems that reflect who they are and how they work. The way you organize your office / business has to work for YOU! (Not anyone else).

Often times they see something that works for someone else, read something in a book or find a great piece of furniture or organizing product. Then they feel like they failed if it doesn't work for them or fix them.

However, what they have forgotten to consider is who they are, how they like to work, what works for them now, how the system will be used and what it will be used for. They did not fail - it just didn't fit. The trick is to find the style, products and systems that fit.

You usually have at least an inkling when you are presented with an idea whether by a friend, colleague or a book or magazine how it FEELS to you. It needs to resonate with YOU. Only use the ideas that really feel right (and even those might need to be tweaked a little).

It's like trying to fit the square peg in the round hole, it really is.

Organizing is NOT one size fits all. Find your style though and it's MAGIC!

Happy Organizing!

You can, as long as you use it in its entirety and include this info: Beth Sharkey Flarida is the owner of Get It Together. She is a Productivity Consultant, Efficiency Expert and Professional Organizer for business. Being productive is not one size fits all! Beth has helped 1000s businesses find the systems that work for them and she can do the same for you! Visit

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