Monday, September 13, 2010

MEGA Secrets Revealed!

Last week it was my pleasure to tell you about IAWBO's Birthday celebration and invite you to be one of the 10,000+ women to benefit from the Virtual Gift Bag the organization put together for Women in business online... (and men, feel free to share this with the women in your life). 1000s have claimed their gift bags. Help us reach our goal of 10,000+!

Did you get yours? Click here now!

This week, I want you to know there is more, beyond the gift bag
... and time is running out!

We've gone the extra mile to give you and your business every possible chance to realize success quickly!

In addition to the free virtual gift bag we have co-created a MEGA Online Success Package ...

It's an exclusive bundle of thirty (30) best-selling products. A MEGA package at a MINI price!

You've got to see what's inside!

Here's a tiny peek at just 8 of the 30 products you'll have access to:

* Heather Dominick's EnergyRICH Prospects to Profit Process™
* How to Ask for Money Quick Start Program from Barbara Bellissimo
* How to do your own PR from Elena Verlee
* Get Clear System from Debbie LaChusa
* 14 Step Getting Clients System from Jennifer Davey
* Big Self Series from Laura West
* Online Marketing & Organic SEO Acceleration Course from Jennifer Bourn
* Your Personal Wealthy Mindset Blueprint from Linda P. Jones

And this is just scratching the surface! There are 22 more products included.

Just imagine how access to this valuable information will impact your business. You'll be able to dip into the package whenever you're stuck or want to leap to the next level.

Now, if you were to purchase each item separately it would cost more than $5000.00

But that's not what you'll pay. Not even close to that...

For the month of September only you'll get the whole kit and caboodle for just $297.00 (Yes, all 30 products!)

And it gets better... (I know, how is that even possible right?!)

When you get the MEGA Package before September 15th you can save an additional $100 when you use the Coupon Code: ACTION

The deal of the century is waiting for you: click here.

Are you ready to achieve more online in record time? Run - don't walk - and get your MEGA package now!

You can, as long as you use it in its entirety and include this info: Beth Sharkey Flarida is the owner of Get It Together. She is a Productivity Consultant, Efficiency Expert and Professional Organizer for business. Being productive is not one size fits all! Beth has helped 1000s businesses find the systems that work for them and she can do the same for you! Visit

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